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The wife of the president of Satan

One morning Zihan said to Sister Huang "I'll prepare dinner today You can go back to rest early" She asked hesitantly "But General Manager Chu asked me to go back after dinner!" Seeing some worry in her eyes Zihan asked with a smile "Does Chu Lei have a bad temper" Have you been taking care of him for many years Sister Huang wiped the table and replied "I live in the same building with General Manager Chu's cousin I've been working here for five or six years since I was laid off a few years ago" Zihan nodded clearly and Sister Huang then asked "Are you going to marry General Manager Chu" Hearing this Zihan burst out laughing "Why do you white marble mosaic say that" "He's been alone for so many years and now I'm happy for him to get married!" "Marry!" Zihan murmured in a low voice will Chu Lei give her a place She has become a third party that she despises but now she really understands that the third party is actually extremely painful Men can divide love and sex clearly but women can't do it and she can't do it Sister Huang looked at him darkly and asked "Are you uncomfortable" Zihan shook her head with a wry smile thinking to herself that no matter what she would love Chu Lei well In order to cook a dinner Zihan was busy all day Sister Huang watched her fry chicken bones duck bones pork bones and fish bones in oil put them into a casserole cut scallions and ginger to cook soup together and asked "Why do you use so many ingredients" Zihan said with a smile

"It is very important to cook soup stock As the saying goes no chicken is not fresh no duck is not fragrant and no bone is not thick If you put fish bones on it the taste will be even more delicious!" Sister Huang looked at Zihan with admiration and said "I didn't expect you to know so much about cooking at such a young age!" "Grandma taught me My grandparents are more fastidious and picky about eating at home I grew up with my grandparents My grandmother always said that girls must be able to do housework especially delicious meals!" Sister Huang stood watching her skillfully pietra gray marble cutting vegetables and said with a smile "I really didn't want to see that you could do housework!" "Now there is a saying that if you want to tie a man's heart you must first tie a man's stomach so I have to work harder to cook!" The two of them laughed together When Chu Lei came back in the evening he saw Zihan sitting on the steps outside the gate and looking around He quickly got out of the car and hugged her and asked "Why are you here" What if a mosquito bites me Zihan leaned in his arms and said softly "I just want to see you earlier!" Chu Lei smiled laughing at Zihan's affection In his eyes there was no more suitable lover than her but he didn't want her to be a lover in his heart As soon as she entered the door Zihan dragged him with both hands to eat first and Chu Lei let her drag her to the table with a smile

Looking at the table full of food Chu Lei said with a smile "What Sister Huang did today is different!" With a smug look on her face Zihan asked "What's the difference white marble slabs " Chu Lei folded his arms and said "Just looking at the knife work is different!" Zihan laughed out loud and said "I cooked the dinner today!" Chu Lei stared at Zihan and his face was full of disbelief "How could it be possible" How can you cook It's good that you can make bitter coffee! Listening to his sweet voice Zihan rolled her eyes and said with a little disappointment "Why don't you believe that I can really cook" Chu Lei put his arms around her waist and said "I've always felt that my daughter is a princess who can't do anything!" Zihan sighed and said "Princess Jiaojiao is just a Cinderella" Chu Lei took a quick taste and asked with a straight face "Han did you really do it" Zihan nodded and asked softly "What's wrong" "Not looking for a cook outside" Zihan asked happily "It seems that I did a good job!" Chu Lei answered very seriously "I have never eaten such delicious food!" " Zihan was even happier "Lei are you praising me"

"I used to eat out all day and the first time I ate dinner cooked by my beloved I was in an unusual mood!" Hearing this Zihan felt sad "What kind of man is he" What kind of experience have you had She wanted to know but she was afraid to expose his pain! Had to say softly "Then I will cook for you every day OK" Chu Lei shook his head "I don't want you to work too hard!" Chu Lei ate Zihan's dishes cleanly Indeed he had not eaten a woman's cooking for him for a long time He always ate and drank outside He had forgotten how sweet the real food at home was Zihan gives Chu Lei the feeling that she is always so tender and I didn't expect that she could make such a delicious meal Chu Lei suddenly found himself more and more inseparable grey marble slab from her but he did not know where he and Zihan should go in the future even if he married her wishfully Zihan would like to marry Even if she wants to what about her family Chu Lei sighed lightly He had never been so helpless as he is now Han you accompany me to have dinner with a friend tomorrow! Chu Lei's tone is always strong with orders Zihan wry smile this is when the boss when used to she did not mind for Chu Lei arranged everything she is also used to obedience she also knows that people need time to change slowly Chu Lei's promise Zihan did not know who Chu Lei was going to have dinner with nor did she know how many people she was going to have dinner with She just made up carefully and prepared her clothes When Sister Huang saw Zihan changing her clothes she sighed "It's good to be young!" Zihan couldn't help asking "Sister is your child a boy or a girl" Boy just graduated from college this year!

I don't have a job yet I want to ask you to tell General Manager Chu to work in his company Zihan said with a smile "You and Chu Lei have known each other for so many years and your feelings are much deeper than mine It is more useful for you to find him directly than for me to find him!" Chu Lei went back to pick up Zihan very early in the afternoon There was a heavy traffic jam on the road When they arrived at the hotel Chu Lei's friend was already waiting for them Chu Lei introduced Zihan to him "Dr Xin Yi the business director of the municipal hospital!" "My wife" he said to Dr Sheen 。

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Virginia A. Doss

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